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These two collages were inspired by Philip Glass's opera 'Akhnaten' performed by the ENO in London. They reference two parts of the story: when Akhnaten is crowned as the new Pharaoh and mounts the stairs to make his first pronouncement (1) and at the Window of Appearances (2) where he reveals his intentions to form a monotheistic religion, changing his name from Amenhotep IV (meaning ‘spirit of Amon’) to Akhnaten (meaning ‘spirit of Aten') after Aten the sun god. This controversial Pharoah ruled Egypt for nearly two decades from around 1354BC, and was famous, or infamous, for his worship of Aten, suppressing the worship of all other deities. After his death, all traces of him were destroyed.

A memorable and unusual aspect of the production is the incorporation of the Gandini jugglers, whose choreography brings both the story and the music to life.


  • Paper on card
  • 210cm x 297cm
  • £50