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Humboldt’s ‘Scrapbook’

This 'Scrapbook' illustrates a handful of the experiences of Alexander von Humboldt, Prussian naturalist, scientist and explorer, and French botanist Aimé  Bonpland, who made an epic journey to South America in 1799. They spent five years examining and collecting thousands of specimens from the living world, tropical vegetation, unfamiliar plants and trees and unusual wildlife, mapping, measuring and recording details of everything they observed. Humboldt's understanding of Man's influence on the environment and the observation that all of Nature was somehow connected, had a far reaching effect on future thought.


  • Hard bound
  • 17 double pages digitally printed on 250gsm Somerset Satin
  • printed paper cover
  • H 28cm x W 21cm £105
Bonpland's plant specimens
South American bird specimens
Preserved collection of small mammals and pinned butterfly
Collection of preserved insects
Humboldt's boat on map of Orinoco River