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Arabic Science: East to West

This book is about the remarkable transfer of knowledge from the Islamic world to Medieval Europe during the Islamic Golden Age (8C - 13C), a period of scientific, economic and cultural development. Baghdad became the centre of one of the greatest empires in history, with the House of Wisdom as its cultural centre, where scholars translated many ancient texts into Arabic from books collected from far away continents. When the Muslim world expanded to the shores of Europe, mathematicians, engineers, astronomers, philosophers and others brought their skills and knowledge with them, from which Early Renaissance scholars developed their own ideas for future scientific and cultural achievements.


  • Hard bound book
  • digitally printed on 300gsm Somerset Satin
  • 14 single side pages
  • screen printed cloth cover
  • £95
Page from The Kitab al-Diryaq Book of Antidotes for snake venom (1199)
Soldiers at the Battle of Talas (751) on Chinese paper
Map of Islamic Golden Age territory
Scientists with ancient astrolabe
A game of chess between a Christian and a Muslim. Book of Games of Alfonso