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Weaving Numbers

Weaving Numbers was inspired by Charles Babbage's vision for his mathematical calculating machine, adapting the system of punched cards invented by Joseph Maries Jacquard for textile production.

Jacquard was a French weaver who in the early 19C transformed the field of textile manufacture with his system of punched cards strung together in sequence giving the loom instructions for weaving any image or pattern, a process previously managed by hand. In 1859 Charles Babbage, mathematician and engineer, realised he could use this same invention to communicate instructions to his Analytical Engine, using punched cards for the completely new purpose of mathematical calculation. A remarkable transfer of ideas from the punched card loom into modern computer programming.


  • Hard bound book
  • digitally printed on 300gsm Somerset Satin
  • 15 double pages
  • screen printed cloth bound cover
  • £95.00
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Ada Lovelace beside Charles Babbage's calculating machine